Optimizing your Video and Audio for Organic Search Results

Optimizing Video & Audio for Organic Search Results

video optimizationVideo and Audio now gives you organic Search Results! Optimizing your video and audio for Organic search Results

There is no doubt that Organic traffic is going to be huge in the near future, look at PPC costs and see why. The changes that will take place in search engines are going to effect many people.  This I can tell you because Google is constantly trying to get you to rank pages. Now let me introduce you to something new, marketers like to call it “universal traffic”. In the past marketers with SEO’s have tried to optimize each website for getting “page results” and are therefore ranked on the Search Engines. However, now they are changing the search results to be “All-in-one”. What this means is that your site need to contain bigger portions of content, not only text. Search Results appearing now can be anything from text to names of pdf files, or even videos. They have it all, blogs images, everything. This means trouble, for most people, since now the competition will increase A LOT. It’s easier to rank good for 10,000 pages than it is to rank for 100,000 objects on the same 10,000 pages. Why? It’s hard to compete with Audio, Blogs, Articles, How to’s, Wikipedia posts and News from the big site, even images. A combination of these are hard to fight off. I’ll tell you how to get a fair step ahead.

Tell me the keys to doing this, right now. Well alright, I will tell you!

There are many things to use to your advantage here. We have Podcasts, RSS feeds, Blogs, Articles, Wikipedia enries, Softwares, and even social bookmarking sites. This article only covers the optimization for audio and video meta tags and titles to rank higher on google for the new generation of Search Engines.

Optimizing your audio and video for 2007

To make something clear, podcasts are a part of audio and video. Video and Audio Podcasts are all over the internet. technology is so far ahead that this might actually scare you! Voice recognition can actually take note on what you are actually saying and transscribe this into text. This is so high tech that I can’t even stress this enough. Some search engines take that transscribed audio/video and then reads that text to return results. To optimize for this then you will have to follow some basic steps. If you are recording something for a podcast in the form of audio then while editing your audio podcast use “old SEO techniques”, but for your voice. Follow these guidelines and you will be well of in the new “Universal Organic Search Engine Results”

1. Your Audio/Video should have a good descriptive title!

2. The Meta Tags are still important for your Audio/Video, so don’t change this from old SEO.

3. Meta Tags are in turn the same as SERP or ID3 tags in media such as windows media player or winamp. When playing a song you will usually see artist, album, song title etc. Now take into account that this is exatcly how you should put your Audio/Video Podcasts tags, DO put in the extra time it takes to do this.

4. Use programs such as Audacity to edit the ID3 tags for ultimate easy for both search engines and visitors to your site.

5. If you are writing a post to your podcast (which you should anyway) be sure to include targeted keywords.

6. Use the same old bold and the same old italic for keywords, no different, like I said before.

7. Your links should have a nice little anchor tag too, with the keywords attached.

8. Important note are the tags, the small keywords you are allowed to use. Tag it with targeted keywords and be sure to have only relevant keywords. This is good for SE and visitors.

9. Another great feature that has been around for some time is RSS. Get a free RSS feed to your podcasts, this gives your visitors the next podcast directly in their reader and acts as a signal for them to come back.

10. Geo Target your Feeds

11. Categorize your video correctly, this is for the easy of any spiders that want to find “relevancy” and also for visitors

12. If you are not already a member of Social Bookmarking sites, be sure to become one and promote your videos there.

13. Send Invites to friends, Invite friends to join you in your network

14. Use Technorati to ping your Video/Audio podcasts

15. If you don’t have a blog, get one and embed your audio/video inside.

16. Use this as leverage, get frinds to give honest reviewsto your content, feedback

17. This should be obvious, but I feel the need to say it submit your Audio/Video to all the directories and search engines you can afford or know about.

18. If you are familiar with Viral Marketing then use this, have a Tell-A-Friends button and be sure to have great interesting content for this to really work well

19. Use other people to get them to post your content. Maybe you have a frind with a blog, ask them to embed the video to their site and so on.

20. Tell as many people as you know about your videos and talk about it on the street, passionately is always better.

I hope these 20 steps can bring you to better Search Engine Results and more organic traffic, this can sound like a lot of work, and it can be. Therefore I suggest the tools on my website posted below.

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