New Journey Into Google Systems Guinea Pig My Self

Today Sat. Sept. 7, 2019 I will start to do a rebuild on our new cloud hosting. The hosting I have created to have everything I want for all clients and myself but have never been able to get EVERYTHING I WANTED so I built my own cloud hosting and will test it and Google with a complete redo of this site.

What will happen to my Google rankings if I rebuild my website? Stay tuned to find out.

What will happen to my Page 1 Results if I rebuild my website?

Will Google penalize me for rebuilding my website?


I have over 602 Posts 872 Page and 497 comments.

I will of course back up everything and once the test is done if needed I will take the backup and put in all the pages, posts and other information needed to rank myself back to the top for the search engines to find.

This will be a scary test but if we do not venture into the unknown we do not venture at all.

I know I can take a new client and have great success in building their online presence. I have also had great success in taking a existing website and doing a rebuild for the search engines to find and rank. but to take my own or anyone’s website and not have all the pages and information put back in could be disastrous. HA! we will see.

Wish me God Speed on this.

Some of the many search terms you can watch as we go.

Some search images before we begin.